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Not being able to eat solids sucks

After numerous months of not being sick (except for the whole pneumothorax crap) I’ve been hit with waves of nausea, headaches and projectile vomiting.  But FUCK THIS NOISE I’ve a project to do, and continued on to finish my work; which I did.  Now I’m slightly better but throat hurts so much that I can’t eat solids, which, by the way, is my favourite kind of food.

The World God Only Knows trailer; which seems to have absolutely nothing to do with anything~

A.k.a. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai is finally going to be adapted into an anime in October; the cast so far:
Shimono Hiro (Kannagi’s Jin) as Keima
Itou Kanae (Railgun’s Ruiko) as Elsea
Yuuki Aoi (Kure-nai’s Murasaki) as Mio
Taketatsu Ayana (K-ON’s Azunyan) as Ayumi

A much more accurate depiction~ except not by key and not official.

Synopsis: Keima (main guy) is known on the internet as The Capturing God for his skills in “capturing” any girl in games; he’s only interested in the 2D world and doesn’t care about real girls. One day he gets an email with a contract to “capture” girls, which he took as a challenge and accepted.

It turned out to be a contract with a demon called Elsea, who asks Keima for help in capturing runaway spirits; these spirits hide inside the gaps of girl’s hearts, and the only way to force them out is to make the girl fall in love. Naturally Keima declines, but is forced to help due to the contract, which will remove both Elsea and Keima’s heads if they fail.

While we’re at it; Railgun OVAs and second season of Index by October, woo.