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Absolutely nothing happens during Halloween.

Like most other commercialised holidays, absolutely nothing happens around my neighbourhood; or anywhere else that I see for that matter. Everyone continues doing whatever they do, not a single decoration or piece of candy can be spotted. The children harassing people are still there, but for entirely different reasons. And you know what; I’m fine with that, sure it’s one less memory per year, but it also equates to a lot less leftover junk.

On the other hand, Comiket 78’s going on right now, a biannual doujinshi convention; along with a bunch of other awesome stuff. There’s an event I’d like to see (minus the 5 hour waits in lines), but it’s over at Big Sight in Tokyo, so I won’t be there anytime soon.

They also have a bunch of vocaloid related stuff there, and composers like ryo also went to these conventions, not sure if he still does now that he’s mainstream, but you can find others before they become famous.

While I’m taking recommendations for Nico Singers, I’m also looking for some good writers/composers such as ryo~ Drop me a line or two if you know of some.

Angel Beats; watch it if you haven’t already.

Also, here, have a long overdue recommendation, another master piece by Jun Maeda (Clannad, Kanon, Air), set before the events of the anime, Angel Beats! – Heaven’s Door.

Saiyui 2010.




Or Chou! Anime Beat; someone get this for me, 14th track is by nayuta~

Unknown Girl cover by nayuta; she sings quite a few touhou covers and is featured in some official albums as well.

On the anime side, haven’t really been watching much of the huge backlog, only been keeping up with Amagami and K-On so far thanks to SC2 and projects. I like how they’re doing Amagami in arcs, was wondering how they would handle it; Morishima arc felt rushed, but there doesn’t seem to be much to it anyway.

Side note: 6 heroines, 4 episodes each, no episodes for Miya~ even though she’s the best.

And the first cover I’ve heard from nayuta which kept me hooked~ love the little tweaks she threw in here and there to make it more emotional than most covers who just sing it straight.

Starcraft 2 was alright until I finished the campaign; spoiler: RESTORATION BULLSHIT, only cure for the infested is a bullet in the head. Also lol @ making people pay thrice for one game with mods; rage @ no LAN and regions to raise sales, also banning e-sports without their blessings (which must cost quite a lot). While we’re at it, giant walker units, yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Aya Hirano’s nayuta’s version of the Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga, Haruhi themed; there’s also a Rika/Hanyuu and regular version by her.

Team projects are awesome; people love calling meetings then not showing up, some have the decency to tell you if it’s cancelled, others just don’t bother at all. Then when you do see them, they make no progress, MEETING ADJOURNED.

Please don’t say you’re going to blow your brains out all over the ceilings and walls~

So I should probably do some covers for other nico nico artists while I’m at it.



I wasn’t even going to post until this.

Best and currently only reason to watch Amagami SS.

Also, Black Rock Shooter’s finally here, and here’s the song that started it all, sung by Nayuta~

And some half-on.