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procrastination bump

Got a couple of programming assignments due; one for this friday and another for next friday, along with mid semester exam. I REALLY SHOULD GET STARTED AND CATCH UP ON THE LECTURES I SLEPT THROUGH. Eventually.

But in the mean time, we have Himawari bringing us another wonderful performance ヽ(´ー `)ノ

In other news; whining about the election. All choices are bad, they will all result in terrible things. Kind of glad that it has been delayed by either major parties failing to get more than half votes, but we all know they can’t be delayed forever. In any case; need to get out of here unless a miracle happens (spoiler: it won’t).

The new vocaloid, Lily; sounds a bit too deep for most of the covers out so far. Probably have to wait a while longer before someone figures out how to use her.

Finally saw the “Guest” button on SC2, started playing against the AI on the maps. It seems “Very Hard” is the setting you want for traditional starcraft AI difficulty, and “Insane” if you want them to hack. The rest are easy mode. Having said that, I haven’t found a reliable build for zergs to survive; maybe fend off one or two pushes, then proceed to get raped. Terrans have early reaper for harass with MM to defend, Protoss have pylon wall and a reliable void ray by 5:30 average, Zerg has to try for an early infestor (which may fail if they spread before fungal growth hits) or early gas for shitloads of banelings, or extremely fast hydra against void rays. Much more effort than the other races to stand on the same ground, basically.

Fukkireta all over your face. Seeing way too many covers of this all over the place.

Yes, still watching Amagami, and nishishishi is still the only reason to; Kaoru arc ended, next is the Sae arc, should have a lot more nishishishi, so I’m looking forward to it; in other animes, K-ON!! is getting depressing, but Yui will surely win Saimoe with this, that or Azunyan; Ookami is getting boring, and that Kuroko voice still annoys me; can’t bring myself to get past episode 7 of mayoi neko, train wreck in motion; should I get started on tits and zombies or duracell next?

Someone one one get a second season of Working!! please.