Absolutely nothing happens during Halloween.

Like most other commercialised holidays, absolutely nothing happens around my neighbourhood; or anywhere else that I see for that matter. Everyone continues doing whatever they do, not a single decoration or piece of candy can be spotted. The children harassing people are still there, but for entirely different reasons. And you know what; I’m fine with that, sure it’s one less memory per year, but it also equates to a lot less leftover junk.

On the other hand, Comiket 78’s going on right now, a biannual doujinshi convention; along with a bunch of other awesome stuff. There’s an event I’d like to see (minus the 5 hour waits in lines), but it’s over at Big Sight in Tokyo, so I won’t be there anytime soon.

They also have a bunch of vocaloid related stuff there, and composers like ryo also went to these conventions, not sure if he still does now that he’s mainstream, but you can find others before they become famous.

While I’m taking recommendations for Nico Singers, I’m also looking for some good writers/composers such as ryo~ Drop me a line or two if you know of some.

Angel Beats; watch it if you haven’t already.

Also, here, have a long overdue recommendation, another master piece by Jun Maeda (Clannad, Kanon, Air), set before the events of the anime, Angel Beats! – Heaven’s Door.

Saiyui 2010.



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